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Wireless Intruder Alarms

If you are looking for a new or upgrading an old burglar alarm system, save time and money and disruption to your home and decor, by choosing Raven to install an easy to use professional wireless alarm system.

Gone are the days when unsightly wiring around your house are needed, no cables means less installation time (usually half a day) and therefore reduced costs. With wireless alarms you save all the hassle of installers drilling holes through walls and pulling up your carpets and floorboards.

The technology of these insurance/police approved wireless alarm systems is so reliable and easy to use, there really is no need to have a wired intruder alarm system that’s designed around the places you can get to with the wiring, because Grade 2 wireless alarm systems will allow a whole range of detectors to be fitted anywhere you need protecting, including outdoor shed alarms/garage alarms, these sorts of areas are usually to difficult to wire and remain unprotected, but not with a quality long range wireless alarm system, and not just burglar protection, you can also have smoke, carbon monoxide or even flood detectors fitted to your alarm system, so complete peace of mind with no mess or disruption.

That’s just a part of it, this new breed of wireless alarm system allows full connectivity through a free alarm system app on your smartphone or iPad (which we set up for you) which not only lets you set or unset the system from anywhere in the world, but it will also notify you of anything that’s going on at your home, of course alarm activation’s, but also other events such as power cuts, it can even notify you when certain chosen users turn the alarm system on or off, like the kids are home or the cleaner has arrived, the benefits of this full control gives a huge feeling of complete peace of mind, because all the data is stored to your personal cloud storage the data is always safe and secure, you can also have combined motion sensors with built in snap shot CCTV cameras which can send you an image of what triggered the alarm.


CCTV is now used and recommended by Local Authorities and Police Forces as a major means of crime prevention. It is one of the most cost effective means of providing deterrents to prevent intruders, stop vandalism and to give total piece of mind to the householder that their home is fully protected by CCTV. Not only does CCTV provide a great deterrent to theft and burglary – many home owners are using it to gather evidence against anti-social behaviour which is blighting many areas of the UK.

Families treat Home CCTV as an important part of the protection of their home and lifestyle – protecting themselves from intrusion.

High Definition IP cameras can be strategically sited to cover driveways, entrances and gardens, recording continuously on a standalone Network Video Recorder – giving you peace of mind that any activity in and around your home is being recorded with real time crisp images.

Infra-red Night Vision – Many systems use IR night vision to record images from completely pitch black areas of your house – such as gardens, driveways, alleyways and yards. With the innovation of today’s technology home owners can view the CCTV system remotely using smart phone apps. Live camera images can be viewed with any smart phone IOS, Android, ipad, iphone, laptop or computer from literally anywhere in the world providing that there is a wi fi or 3/4G connection.

Video Doorbells

With DoorBird you can have your home at a fingertip, no matter where you are, if a caller comes to your property you will be notified on your smart phone, if using the motion feature they wont even need to ring the door bell, you can choose to answer and speak with them or not the choice is yours. We offer numerous smart Addon devices, door un-locking, gate control or simply as a remote video door bell which you can see and talk to anybody – from anywhere.

Dont miss another visitor – these video door bells are professional systems and are not available as a DIY product elsewhere on the internet Raven Fire & Security install Doorbird Video Door Bell intercom systems anywhere in Prestatyn, North Wales and Chester area.

Fire – British Standard BS 5839-6:2013

What is the Fire – British Standard BS 5839-6:2013

British Standard BS 5839-6:2013 covers specific recommendations for fire alarm systems in all dwellings and covers both new-build and existing properties. The standard contains a large amount of detail on all aspects relating to the design and installation of fire alarm systems but one area of it covers the type of alarm to install and the areas of the property to protect.

What type of alarm? The Grade

The Grade describes the type of alarm system using six Grades:

Grade A – Separate detectors, sounders and central control and indicating equipment with back-up power supply. Equipment must conform to other British Standards (BS EN 54)

Grade B – Separate detectors, sounders and central control and indicating equipment with back-up power supply

Grade C – Separate detectors and sounders (which can be combined in the form of alarms) that are mains powered with back-up power supply and central control equipment

Grade D – Mains powered alarms with an integral back-up power supply

Grade E – Mains powered alarms with no back-up supply

Grade F – Battery powered alarms

What Areas Should I Protect? The Category

The standard states that the level of protection to the occupants needs to be directly related to the fire risk. However, it does list three Categories of system to describe the level of protection the systems provide. Where and how many alarms are installed will affect how quickly a fire is detected – generally the higher the Category of system the higher the level of protection.

Security Lighting

Protect your property against unwanted visitors and brighten up your property with LED security lights. Security lighting is the first line of defence against intruders, acting as a deterrent.

Security lights can be operated manually or triggered automatically by movement, so you will immediately know if anyone approaches your home.

Ideal as a deterrent to would-be burglars or as a guidance light for when you leave or arrive at home.  It can also be used to increase a feeling of safety. Lighting is integral to crime prevention through environmental design. Raven Fire & Security offer a range of different types of security lighting, our systems range from individual lights with PIR motion sensors to advanced security lighting systems with internal controls and warning devices designed to enhance security, whilst keeping both properties and people safe and secure. come down and see in our Prestatyn showroom the variety of security lighting we can provide.


If It Matters To You Secure It With Us.

Raven Fire & Security are a leading supplier and installer of home and commercial safes, our aim is to offer the most comprehensive range of safes and cabinets, tested and certified to the highest standards.

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of home security solutions including tested and certified home safes, luxury safes, gun cabinets, security doors and panic rooms. We strive for high quality products meeting the demands of consumers.

Call into our showroom to view our range of safes and discuss your requirements in detail with one of our security consultants, or shop online to order direct to your door.

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Lock Upgrades

If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks on your house/apartment/flat/bungalow or new business premises then Raven Fire & Security will be able to assist you in fitting a replacement lock. If you have just moved in a new home the first thing you should do is change your door locks. You may also want to upgrade your locks to comply with insurance standards or need to replace the locks due to damage.

Most locks have 5 or 6 ‘pins’ in them. One of the ways that Ultion delivers its unique protection is by using 11 pins. This makes 294,970 different combinations of key. Banks only specify 100,000 combinations, so with Ultion you get almost 3 times the level of security required by banks for their keys!

The first thing you want from a door is to keep the bad guys out. This video will show how weak your doors are in real life on a real home with the most common break-in method.

Key Cutting Service

Raven Fire & Security have full in house key cutting facilities for all your cylinder and mortice locks, we can cut any standard key while you wait and also source any key on a next day service.

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